Rune Match Evolution

Post date: Dec 13, 2013 2:36:45 PM

It's game time on the top of Olympus

Published game on Google play.

Rune Match: Evolution

So you like playing with "candies" and you think matching "jewels" is awesome…

Think you got what it takes to play against the GODS?!

If you think you are THAT good, then enter the ultimate match 3 'Tournament of the Gods'. Rune Match Evolution.

The gods are not easy to beat. You must keep leveling up to be able to wield fantastic magic powers to help you defeat them at their own game.

The game offers:

• 3 levels of difficulty

• Awesome hidden powerups to reveal and wiela

• Tournament mode against the gods

• Friends leaderboard using facebook

• Daily bonuses

• Hours of rune matching fun!

It's time to evolve to a better gaming experience!