the clinic


Where does it hurt?

Tech startups rely on the tech solution to ensure investment from business partners.

However the go-to-market strategy seldom includes user focus.

The Cure

User experience is more than an UI placement plan. It involves establishing a user journey, motivation to engage, hooking habits to shape behavior

* On-boarding


* Keep engaged

* Retain

Why now?

Early stage startups cannot afford a Product Manager, UX Expert, or a Marketing Specialist. This is an all-in-one solution that enables You to shift focus between areas of expertise at different stages of the Product lifecycle and focus your attention on the development of the Tech solution.

Agile - Launch on time

With the right product

Game Design - Have a plan of action

Keep the users that you acquire


Game Design, Production, GDD, Monetization


Utilities, PRD, UI/UX, Conversion Optimization


Wireframes, Call-To-Action, Bounce-Rates

The Deal

That’s the easy part. You choose when, where and how often

Diagnosis - FREE

Prognosis - HOURLY

Consultation - WEEKLY

Treatment - MONTHLY

Follow-Up - FREE