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Where does it hurt?

Tech startups rely on the tech solution to ensure investment from business partners.

However the go-to-market strategy seldom includes user focus.

The Cure

User experience is more than an UI placement plan. It involves establishing a user journey, motivation to engage, hooking habits to shape behavior

* On-boarding


* Keep engaged

* Retain

Why now?

Early stage startups cannot afford a Product Manager, UX Expert, or a Marketing Specialist. This is an all-in-one solution that enables You to shift focus between areas of expertise at different stages of the Product lifecycle and focus your attention on the development of the Tech solution.

- Launch on time

With the right product

- Have a plan of action

Keep the users that you acquire


Game Design, Production, GDD, Monetization


Utilities, PRD, UI/UX, Conversion Optimization


Wireframes, Call-To-Action, Bounce-Rates

The Deal

That’s the easy part. You choose when, where and how often

Diagnosis - FREE

Prognosis - HOURLY

Consultation - WEEKLY

Treatment - MONTHLY

Follow-Up - FREE